Supreme Cleaning of America, Inc. founded in 1994, the company has been built on the excellent services and experience of its team to generate a steadily expanding portfolio of satisfied, long-term clients throughout Northern and Central Jersey. Distinguished by a “hands-on” approach, Supreme prides itself in the direct involvement of ownership and senior management in the day-to-day operations of every property.

Working with Supreme, clients are assured their facilities receive meticulous care to advance the image and ambiance they want to project to their tenants, visitors and building employees.

All cleaning personnel are employees of the company and work under experienced supervisors who inspect their work on a daily basis to guarantee maintenance of quality standards and responsiveness to client requests.

The Supreme Green Advantage
Supreme Cleaning is committed to incorporating environmental responsibility into its cleaning programs to create safer, healthier work environments. The company uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions, innovative micro-fiber cleaning tools and other recyclable and disposable products, as well as HEPA-equipped vacuums.  Employees are also trained to practice energy / water conservation and waste management.